Sunday 28 April 2019

Sunday 28th April - Cup-of-tea-challenge

This is how you can tell that term has started;

The dining room table has become a sea of papers and all sorts of stuff.

Time for the cup-of-tea-challenge. It's not that I actually wanted a cup of tea, I wanted the dining room table cleared. But a cup of tea is easier to achieve.

Step 1; fill and switch in the kettle, and then see how much difference I could make to the table while it boiled (the kettle, not the table)

Are you impressed? So am I!

Step 2; fill the teapot and let it brew; meanwhile sort out some more stuff; books to the bottom of the stairs ready to be taken up, another book shoved into a bookshelf, sort through a box of stationery oddments (chuck, keep, put into school bag, put into 'that will make a little present for someone' drawer)

Pour the tea because the job is done.

(Almost done; there is a stack of music books and paperwork on the chair at the end, but what the 'eye doesn't see, the heart won't grieve over' holds true in this situation)

And my tea is ready to drink.

PS No post-it notes required, be they ever so cute, for the forseeable future....

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