Saturday 4 May 2019

Yesterday, the day before, and the days before then

Today's the fourth of May

President; May the fourth be with you.
Response; And also with you.
President; let us break fourth into pieces.

(Not from the Book of Common Prayer)

Is it only a week since the last entry on this blog?

It's been a bit hectic - accompanying a relative (not my father!) to hospital only took up Thursday, but involved cancelling two schools and five pupils and a doctor's appointment, (and making plans to be able to cancel one other school and a drumming workshop on Friday if necessary), working out logistics for travelling and looking after the cats, and a packing list as long as my arm in case I needed to stay over night;

Day bag with handbag, kindle, sandwiches in cold bag to take into hospital
Big Blue IKEA bag - bedding
Medium Black Bag - nightdress, fresh clothes, meds, toiletries, book, chargers, mp3 player and headphones,   
O2 machine plus batteries plus little trolley
Cold Bag with supper, lunch and breakfast for me as I knew there would be nothing suitable in her house - she's been existing on liquids for over a month now, and the hospital trip was for an investigation to uncover the cause.

In the event everything went smoothly and we were able to come home that evening and resume normal life the next day. Except all we did was sit about taking turns at making those great big yawns one does when recovering from the previous day.

She's got at least two more hospital trips over the next couple of months. But at least we know what the problem is, and she is getting proper medical attention at last. Long distance support of 90-year-old relatives has its problems!

Anyway, my Big Triumph of the week is The Dining Room Table.

My Wednesday pupils were struck dumb in amazement to find it looking like this;

and it is still clear today!

The secret?

I found this post on some lifestyle blog;

I skim-read it and decided my list would be

Put something away
Tidy Something up
Water some plants
Finish something

To my amazement, I have managed this every day this week... and the result is none of the plants have died, a number of outstanding tasks have been finished, and the dining room table still looks like this;

That small pile of books is just the notebook and pen that I have taken a break from to write this post. They won't be left there overnight! 

I feel weirdly happy and enthused by this achievement; sitting at the table for breakfast and watching the birds hustling at the bird feeders improves the morning no end.

(Good job you can't see the heap of books still stacked on the far chair, out of sight...)

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