Wednesday 21 August 2019

Wednesday - The Week So Far; Wednesday

Who are you most concerned for, Leo or Himself?

Well, Himself has got sparkling clean and shiny teeth, and is reviving gently after supper and whisky and chocolate. (My box of chocolate pianos, a present from a pupil)

Leo has come back without four or five of her teeth, and is eyeing up her plate of 'bland diet' with disgust... she can't have her pain relief medicine unless she eats... luckily she has decided that finely minced chicken does count as a sort of inferior Whiskas and eaten just enough to be allowed her Loxicom.

I've snuck a large handful of cat biscuits out of the bag and secretly given them to MaCavity, so she has had her supper, and her squirt of Loxicom too.

I'm going out, and leaving him in charge of his whisky bottle, my chocolate pianos, and several disgruntled cats. The cat flap is barred. The litter tray is ready.

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