Sunday 22 September 2019

Sunday 22nd September - That was the week that was.

This morning (Sunday) I discovered that my glasses Really don't work for playing the church organ. I had to lean back to bring those pesky little dots and dashes into focus, which had implications for reaching the keyboard... On the plus side, that sticking note that blurts out unexpectedly in the middle of the quiet bits was on holiday today.

Yesterday (Saturday) I accomplished a mere 1250 steps, mostly walking from various destinations to the car and back. Today is not looking much better; 1388 steps so far (5.45 pm). I tried to help increase the count by taking shorter steps. Seems to have worked to some extent.

Friday was - hooray - flu-jab-day - which probably explains why I am feeling the way I do today. And every time He puts an arm around me to console me I let out a yelp and am not consoled at all.

However I did write another episode of The Novel. And I've thought through another episode which I haven't written down yet as I am procrastinating by blogging instead. Plus I want to paint this door into my diary for this week. It was at the cafe/farm shop where He and I and Daughter met up with Son for lunch today, transferred Daughter to Son's car so that they could go back towards their homes, and we could return to ours.

I have a feeling it might become a Portal in another book-in-progress that has got stuck. Maybe this door will open a way back in.

Thursday was so long ago I can't remember what happened. Teaching, I expect. Yes. Oh, and I have a memory of trying to carry my djembe along the road to the 'pick-up point' where my lovely and loving roadie was waiting to drive me home. I keep meaning to weigh it on the scales. It will be a substantial number of pounds, I bet you.

Oho, look at this... from googling 'how much does a djembe weigh?'

My ever-loving man has gone to weigh my medium-sized djembe - 16 pounds in its case. That explains rather a lot.

Right. Time to write.

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