Wednesday 18 September 2019

Wednesday 18th September - Midweek Musings

I posted about having an unusually peaceful day last Sunday - although we were both bustling around doing this and that, there were just the two of us, doing things without reference to clocks and schedules and deadlines.

Is it a coincidence, then, that on Sunday night we both slept the best for quite some time? No need for me to have an mp3 player mumbling in my ear (talking programmes are usually good to have me zzz-ing within about 15 minutes, so long as they are not all that interesting). No nocturnal visits to the loo - just eight hours proper sleep.

It is Wednesday lunch time now. All those cut-out leaves are at one of the schools I teach in, slowly being stuck to the display board.

There were about ten up by the time I left on Tuesday - my six pupils, myself, the cello teacher and her pupils. I'm looking forward to seeing how it has developed by the time I'm back next week.

This morning was clear and sunny, bright and fresh. As I was driving along to a country school in a small village, there was a 'chalk moon' - 'day-time moon' - in the blue sky in front of me, as though showing the direction to travel.

It suddenly struck me how completely different these lanes would look in a couple of month's time. The trees are mostly still lush and green, only the horse chestnut leaves are turning. It is quite hard to image the contrast between the green of Summer and the bare brown branches of Winter. The rooks would be back creating silhouettes of nests and birds in among the bare branches...

And it will be COLD again!



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