Friday 8 November 2019

Friday 8th November - A productive day?

It's also the day for commemorating the saints and martyrs of England. You can look them up if you like - today I'm not in the mood.

We visited my God-mother today as planned, as opposed to the last visit which wasn't planned. The truth is gradually seeping out, sentence by sentence, by a word or a look.

'You'll have to take away all those things in the freezer - I tried the lamb last night  - it was very good, but I can't eat it - I need just things like soup now. And the rice puddings. Too thick.'

That's not good news - we have a hospital appointment later in the week and we shall see what we shall see.

I shan't dwell on it - worrying won't help.

So, to the cheerful side of the day - I have discovered that I can knit and crochet while he drives.

Today I finished a crotchet granny-square,

and made a start on the next;

it is from the same series of colourways as the completed one, but much brighter. My godmother loves the different balls of wool, especially the bright colours of this latest. I shall join the squares into a shawl or blanket to drape round her shoulders to keep out the cold out and keep in the love.

I also completed one of these and finished two others;

you may well wonder what they are;

there you go - little Christmas trees with gold beads incorporated into the knitting. It was much easier knitting these on the way there - brighter daylight for one. And it became very apparent that the road surface travelling outwards is much better than the road surface returning home, on the same route. I started the one in the middle as we set off, and just finished the last stitch as we turned into the drive. I use very short needles, just 6 inches long, so that everything fits into a small bag. It works extremely well except when sudden braking is required, at which point the bag flies off and into the foot well. Luckily all the beads and accoutrements stayed in the bag.

I thought I would make a Christmas Tree Advent calendar. And another one for a friend. Then I did the sums; 24 trees for each Advent calendar. I've made about fifteen now, trying to keep up a rate of at least one every day and at least three at weekends, to average approximately two a day. Or thereabouts. Well see how that goes.   

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