Monday 18 November 2019

Monday 18th November - Happy Ever After - but not yet

Hello, everyone.

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Not every day has a happy ending - but a day is only one three-hundred and sixty fiveieth of a year.

We've brought my godmother down south, with her clothes and some of her pictures and so on, and all was going swimmingly, until she saw the admittedly modest room she has been given at the Nursing Home.

Ah well, you can't win every situation every time.

She'll have to stay at least until the weekend, and probably until the next... because if she is serious about going back to her own home we will need to set up a care package as she can't really look after herself - she says so herself - and she will need face up to the fact that we can't manage the 100 mile round trip - one-and-a-half hours each way - every week all through the winter.

Maybe the two weeks will be a time to think things over - and at least the podiatrist might have a chance to have a go at her toenails. There's a silver lining everywhere if you look for it.

Anyway, I have recharged my mp3 player, and loaded it with suitably soporific music to doze away through another disturbed night.

Tomorrow I am meant to be a music teacher - Heaven help me and my pupils! I'll take it easy - time for Christmas carols - why not indeedy

and we will be visiting my God-mother - Heaven help us all!

(Now singing 'O God my help in ages past, my help for years to come....') 

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