Sunday 17 November 2019

Sunday 17th November - Resting

We got home from visiting my godmother just over an hour ago. It is a long process when she lives 50 miles away;

just over an hour to get there (where was all the traffic today? Oh, Sunday.)

a couple of hours chatting, encouraging her to eat and drink a little more than she might had done,

something like an hour and a half to get home.

It is going to be so much easier when she moves into a Nursing Home just down the road. We will be able to visit more often - daily, even - and just pop in for an hour. I can call by in between schools. If there is a problem with her phone, tv, run out of biscuits, needs some more something-or-others, sorting out the problem won't entail a 100 mile, 3 hour round trip.

Meanwhile, we are here, taking it easy for the rest of the evening. I have made, and we have eaten a small quantity of popcorn coated with a little melted butter and brown sugar, and we are drinking ginger tea. and watching Hercule Poirot solve another murder. Very comforting.

I have wanted a wooden tray like this for a long time. Yesterday I bought one in unfinished wood in The Works for a mere £7.  I'm not planning to paint or varnish it, but have given it three coats of beeswax furniture polish. The surface was a little rough, but I rubbed the last coat in with a soft nylon pot scourer and that gas worked wonders.

Typing this blog has become a little difficult. McCavity has stolen my spot on the settee,

so  I have moved to a different chair. But now Leo has somehow inveigled herself onto my lap.

Typing is getting too awkward; time to stop.


  1. I've just seen all my typos. I blame the cat. Nice to have an excuse this time.

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