Thursday 21 November 2019

Thursday 21st November - easy-peasy music players

I've just splashed out £60 or so on the cutest music player...

How big is it? I suppose if you taped three telephone handsets together - landline ones - that might be about it.

You load mp3 files onto a usb memory stick, put it in the slot on top (that gives a clue to the size) and then turn it on with the big yellow button on the front.

The plan is to give it to my godmother as an early Christmas/late Birthday present, with favourite tracks (Bruch violin concerto for starters) already loaded.

It might work - I have about 60% confidence in her being able to

remember what it is
remember to TURN the button, not PRESS the button for on
remember to keep turning the button to raise the volume

If she doesn't like it, I'm going to have it back!

There are some amazing mp3 players designed for 'seniors'.

How about this one; you literally lift the lid, where it says, to start, and press the black button to skip forwards and close the lid to stop it. The volume controls are concealed in the base - you have to poke them with a pencil to set them.

I suspect that the music player will be too late for her to operate, but we can but try.

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