Saturday, 7 December 2019

Saturday 7th December - Let the weekend begin

I survived this morning's teaching, and I have to say that one pupil being absent is probably the reason why!

I think one of the problems is that the small practice rooms we use are windowless, airless, unventilated, and by the end of  the morning, after eight students, I find it very hard to string three words or two thoughts together into any semblance of coherence. Whether that is because I have exhausted all the available oxygen, or all my available brain power is hard to decide! At least I'm heading towards what passes for normal once I am on my way home.

Home... I had forgotten to take my teaching record book this morning, so first priority was to write up the lessons! Then, make a start on restoring order to the dining room table. I am determined to have thrown out or recycled at least one tub or crate or basket of surplus-to-requirements catalogues/bits of paper/extra copies and other clutter by the end of the weekend, and start putting away all the heaps of sheet music that pile up as the weeks go by.

Meanwhile... my birthday continues! These arrived today; two gorgeous little teddy glove puppets - I can almost wear them as gloves! - and a 'Poem for Every Night of the Year' book.

(And yes, I am looking at the bears very carefully with a view to making some more!)

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