Tuesday 3 December 2019

Tuesday 3rd December - Advent Calendars

How many Advent calendars make too many?

Three knitted trees added to the garland I made last year

A stack of twenty-four decorated tea lights, and the third from the stack gently glowing

Mine's the one on the right; each little door hides a different tea bag. His is the one on the left, with chocolates in the drawers.

My chocolate calendar, a present from Himself.

The wall hanging - each pocket contains a decoration to hang on the tree.

Five - so far.

Then there is my Jacquie Lawson calendar

and a couple of on-line calendars



and the Advent Book club book

In the Bleak Midwinter: Advent and Christmas with Christina Rossetti

....that's about it..... no, the Pause in Advent on Sundays.

I've been back at work again today - and I can feel the improvement. Last week I was struggling to walk the length of the school, which has very long corridors, which mysteriously go up and down hill, without pausing for breath. This time I traversed the school several times, hunting down my prey pupils, without having to stop for a breather once. This felt hugely encouraging.

Right. Time for a cup of tea - I wonder what Father Christmas has hidden inside the third door?

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