Thursday 19 December 2019

Wednesday and Thursday 18th and 9th December

Here are the O antiphons for yesterday and today

or you can listen here for the 18th and here for the 19th

We spent yesterday, 18th December, following the Law, as it concerned the death of my Godmother; collecting paperwork from the hospital first thing n the morning, so that we could then go to the funeral directors to start arranging the funeral, go on to her house to check for mail and messages and collect photographs to use at the funeral, and then to formally register the death in order to acquire certificates and an all-important 'green paper' to authorise the cremation.

In the course of all this we ate most of a packet of chocolate Minstrels and half a roll of peppermints (as well as lunch in a one-of-a-kind gluten-free very very healthy-eating cafe which produced an excellent frittata and an interesting three bean chilli and sausage patty - not our usual fare, but surprisingly satisfactory at the time)

It was a long day.

Today was more paperwork and more telephone calls. Oh, and I haven't forgotten it is Christmas - there were the last couple of dozen cards to write! More chocolate has been consumed in the process (purely medicinal, of course).

I've been going through the couple of tins of photographs to choose some for the order of service. Back then, photographs were an expensive, rationed record; the tins are full of snapshots barely two inches square. I have found some wonderful and amusing pictures of my god-mother as a baby, back in the 1920s which have made the whole day worth while.

Going through this process feels like a new stage of becoming an adult - perhaps I'm just a late developer!

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