Friday 17 January 2020

Friday 17th January - Week End, Week Beginning

I find working out where one week ends and the other begins rather tricky.

When does the 'weekend' begin? When is the weekend?

I think of Friday as being the 'weekend', as it is a non-teaching day, apart from the drumming workshop in the evening which is very informal.

Saturday is NOT a 'weekend' day, as I have a fairly gruelling teaching session taking up all of the morning - eight pupils back-to-back. Saturday afternoon is 'recovery' time.

Sunday - ah yes, another 'weekend' day, especially if I am not down on a church rota. Playing the piano or organ in a church service is definitely 'work' - if I do a whole service then I will play a couple of pieces at the beginning, a couple of pieces while people go up to receive communion, and a short burst of something cheerful at the end. Oh, and three hymns, of anything up to six verses each. That's work.

Then it's Monday again! Just like that!

So, today was a sort of 'weekend' day. Up early, off to my God-mother's house to tidy up, meet the Estate Agent, clean the loo and the fridge, collect up all the unused medicines (three bags full - she'd just had a new prescription delivered), break open a filing cupboard in the garage (pots of old paint and a painter's floor cloth securely locked away from... who? whom?) and return the despised and ignored Zimmer frame to the hospital.

After lunch (fish and chips at the same garden centre as last Friday) we called into an amazing furniture store in Guildford. Our favourite computer chair in the sitting room has a tendency to catch the underside of the desk, lifting it and dropping it onto the cables, so we've swapped it for a better behaved chair from upstairs. However, the fabric is wearing through and it is showing its age (about twenty years).

Here's what we bought, in a darker colour wood. Happily, it is in the sale! We should be getting it in a couple of weeks.


On the way I finished the second slipper, and I'm wearing them both now.

Now I am in between knitting projects - what next?

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