Sunday, 26 January 2020

Sunday 26th January - a week? a whole week?

Where did the time go?

Time passes in a blur when you have been felled by the most dismal cough and cold since - since - I don't know when.

I've managed to teach most lessons last week, although I gave in to the inevitable on Friday -stayed in bed all morning, cancelled the drumming workshop in the evening.

There was a time when I would have merely dosed myself up on max-strength Aspro, or something similar, and kept on trucking, but those days are long gone now! I've held off from starting the antibiotics for another day or so - at the moment it is just a grotty cold.

However, things have Got Done, mainly by Himself while I've been lolling in bed. Like taking the IKEA bag of charity shop donations to the charity shop, and fetching and installing our new computer chair

and fetching and installing our new computer chair

and even taking the broken computer chair from our bedroom to the tip. So, the shabby computer chair is now back in one of the bedrooms, the computer chair with the worn out upholstery is in our bedroom, and the broken chair is at the tip.

I've laid out the crochet granny squares on a spare bed;

Neither of us like the pinky-red square so I have pulled it out, and will replace it with a new one. I have two balls of yarn left, and I'll probably choose the blue-ish mixture in the foreground. I'm still pondering that very green square - is it too green?

The amaryllis flowers have been a huge success. This big stripy one was threatening to topple over, so I have propped it up with a wooden coat-hanger, hooking the hook around the stalk and pushing the wooden bit firmly into the pot. Although I notice that after I had watered it, the stalk straightened up and is no longer leaning into the hook.

They are in the window of a front bedroom, and make a cheery sight when I turn into the drive after a teaching session.

Short blog tonight, just enough to convince our Canadian friends that we are still alive if not kicking...

I've cancelled tomorrow morning's teaching to give me a last chance to catch up with myself before the murder and mayhem of the rest of the week, no, that doesn't sound like a right and proper description of three days intensive piano teaching. I've been reading too much historical fiction set in the days of Elizabeth the First. (The Robert Carey series by P F Chisolm)

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  1. The Amarylis is beautiful!! Those candystripes are gorgeous!!!