Sunday 12 January 2020

Sunday 12th January 2020 - Do Nothing Day

Almost nothing.

I brought up breakfast in bed of cereals and coffee, he served up a second breakfast later on of Croissants and coffee. That's quite a good way of arranging things - saves filling the bed with crumbs.

There were several loads put through the washing machine and hung up to dry,

There was cleaning of the bathroom,

The sun came out, and there nearly was Going for a Walk, but there were also huge black clouds, so we did planting of anenomes (two) and moving of flower pots (what seemed like thousands) instead.

There was examination of the probate forms to see if we were in a position to complete them and be ready to send them on their way (we think we are). 

There was catching up with writing quotations, collected over several weeks, into my commonplace book (posh name for notebook!)

There was paying some bills and so forth.

There was baking; my 2020 Almanac has several recipes for each month; the lentil one I did last week, and the roasted rhubarb one I tried today. Also very good, if you like rhubarb. Which I do. And he doesn't, so it's all be mine, all mine!

(cut the rhubarb into useful lengths, toss in orange juice and honey (I used maple syrup) and star anise (I left that out, not my favourite flavour) and roast at 180 fan oven for 20 minutes. I'm pleased that I lined the roasting dish..., although the rhubarb didn't stick, and the maple syrup didn't burn onto the pan.

There was spare rhubarb, so I made puff pastry rhubarb crumble tarts (also all mine).

Then there was spare puff pastry, so I made cheese straws. Not so successful - more cheese would have improved them.

Recipes, from the internet

 Like I said - an almost nothing day, compared to previous days;

Friday - checking my godmother's house, talking to her neighbours, talking to various offices in connection with the house, buying lunch at a garden centre (and flowers for friends, and anenomes for me), calling in at the funeral director to tie up loose ends... and leading the drumming workshop when we got home

Saturday - teaching all morning, now that it is term time again. Eight pupils, back to back. That was a bit of a shock to the system, sitting around in a semi-catatonic state all afternoon and evening...

Ah well. Half term in five weeks time...

Now there is to be Eating of Supper provided by my nearest and dearest - yum yum!

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