Friday, 14 February 2020

Friday 14th February - Hearts and Flowers

About hearts;

I have discovered how to crochet a heart. Aww...

The little basket of mini-daffs is a great success, as far as I am concerned. They are about at my eye line as I park the car in the drive, making a cheerful kind of welcome

That shrub that looked as though it might be about to flower is looking more promising by the day. I squelched across the lawn - well - mossy sward - for a closer look

We've asked James-the-gardener to come and fix a fence panel and post that has given way, and also to advise on what to do next with the border - 'Shall I fettle it while I'm over?' - sounds like a plan, so long as I can be there and make plenty of notes.

The rosemary bush beside the back door has survived and is in flower!

We were in London on Tuesday 12th Feb - that will be another post. Whole we were at the V and A museum I bought a slightly expensive packet of sweet pea seeds, as they should be sown about now, and I haven't managed to get hold of any. Is this likely to be an accurate picture of the contents when they are in full flower? We shall see...

Finally, I have been presented with a dozen red roses...

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