Monday 23 March 2020

Monday 23rd March - A Very Good Excuse

I now have the perfect excuse for staying at home all day; this covid-19 business has reached the point where that looks like being the best approach to take.

So, no more gallivanting and gadding about. I'm not that bothered at the moment; ask me again in 12 weeks time...

Himself goes out on infrequent foraging trips, hunting down a carton of  eggs, or some vegetables...

" Stealthily, the hunter approaches the target area, surveying the terrain. Can he slip in, acquire the swag, defeat the self-serve tills and make his getaway before he is forced to interract with any other person? 

Yet agan he returns victorious, lugging a box of cat food, a cabbage, an apple crumble and carton of cat food and even the eggs."

I have created a random samle list of things that I could do


from which I might make a selection for the day, and then add other things as they occur, and then colour them in if they get done. If they didn't get done - oh well, tomorrow is another day.
(I should reassure you by explaining that 'have a bath' only got written down for Saturday because I had just had a bath, and that way I could colour it in straight away. We have continued to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.)

I'm a bit emabarrassed by the state of this plant - a friend gave it to me last week, and I forgot to water it yesterday. I left it in a tray of water all afternoon, and then planted it with some other primulas to keep it company. It has perked up quite a lot - I shall report on its progress tomorrow. Or whenever.

I was out in the garden, ostensibly to get some more earth out of the bottom of our compost bin. That didn't happen - I was distracted by trying to rearrange the various tubs and trivia which were unarranged all round the vegetable area. This entailed moving heavy earth filled tubs arround, and other tubs which had filled with water, and scooping up an accumulation of soil and weeds, and even sorting out the shed! It was one of those 'one thing leads to another' afternoon, and nothing seemed to lead to excavating the compost bin or planting any seeds.

Lovely lovely internet - I have ordered cress seeds to send to the isolating offspring, and some tomato seeds which apparently entails buying marigolds and basil to keep the pests away. And nasturtiums because - I forget why. I think I just liked the look of the packet.

As far as I know everyone is well at the moment. Long may that last...

Boris Johnson is just about to address the nation so I will watch and listen now for as long as I can stand. 

Oh my. That's about the most sensible and sane he has ever appeared on tv.


  1. I have a primula like that. I was nurturing it and planning to plant it in my garden in Norfolk after Easter. Can't see us getting up there now...