Saturday, 4 April 2020

Saturday 4th April - The First Warm Day

I'm defintely a warm weather person. Cold weather saps my energy, resilience, whatever you want to call it.

Today was warm and sunny all day.

I have spent the day doing this that and the other

 - cleaning the bathroom

 - reading

 - sitting in the sun; this involved moving a cat basket out of the way - an action which met with total disapproval from said cat

 - a few rows of knitting

 - planting seeds (tomato, basil, cress). The cress seeds needed to be sprinkled on some damp kitchen paper laid on a plate, and then kept in a dark place for a week. I've put the plate in this biscuit tin, reckoning that if I put them in a cupboard I would forget where they were.

I was a little taken aback to find there were only 6 seeds in the packet. They had all jolly well come up. 

 - making sauerkraut, ah, that also needed a dark place for 5 days. So I have put it in the bottom section of the cupboard in the dining room. On top of the tablecloths.

 - planting out my sweet peas into a container (The forecast is 5-8 degrees tonight so hopefully they will be fine.

 - walking to the post box and back, zig-zagging between both sides of the road to dodge other people out in the sunshine

 - weeding part of a flower bed - that was the hardest activity.

 - a few rows of knitting

 - playing the saxophone - I don't think I have opened the box for about six or seven years. One clue, is that there isn't a tag for saxophone on this blog.

 Everything was still there, including a couple of decent reeds. I had forgotten some of the fingerings, but even so

it didn't take me too long to work out how to play 'O when the saints' and 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'. Playing the sax is an excellent work out for my lungs.

I expect I shall pay for all this activity tomorrow... 

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  1. It's practically the same fingering as the flute! I haven't seen my saxophone for over a decade as my Brother-in-Law borrowed it to learn. That tells me how long it's been since I've played a Reed 1 part in a musical!
    I was displayed to discover only 6 tomato seeds in a packet too- I was also thinking the same since the wretched packet cost me £2.99!!! I could have bought plants for less!