Wednesday 1 April 2020

Wednesday 1st April - not an April Fool in sight

 The sun comes in to the front of our house in the morning, so that's where I am staying for the moment.

I should be halfway through a series of three back to back piano lessons right now, but I had a sudden series of emails yesterday evening from the Music Services office;

6pm these are the arrangements that will be put in place should we decide to put most of our teaching staff on 'furlough' (which means the government will pay 80% of our earnings while we are employed but not working)

6.30pm you are officially on furlough from 1st April until the end of May; NO MORE LESSONS TO BE TAUGHT FROM 1st APRIL

7pm the important bit; please send your pay claim up to 31st March in ASAP

I, for one, am not that distressed; sloth being one of my default settings I am always happy to be paid to do nothing, and it has been stressed that to qualify for furlough one must not do any work that would bring in revenue for the company. So, if I want to, I could rustle up some online private teaching. If I want to. If the children want lessons... If I'm in the mood...

What else has happened in the past few days?
Zoom piano lessons (they are surprisingly draining of energy)
Zoom meetups with friends (they are also quite tiring, but it's good to see them)
Phone calls
Online shopping for wool (Himself has bought jigsaws and U-gears kits)
Some piano playing
Lots of reading
Too much internet surfing
Some more knitting (and too much 'tinking')

I usually check through my pictures on my phone to find out what I have been doing, but I haven't taken many pictures so far.

Here's a cat instead.

She's purring at the moment, but all that's going to change in a minute when I get up and send her downstairs.

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  1. Yay, I like the cat picture!!! If you're happy to go with the furlough, then it sounds a good deal!!!