Saturday 4 July 2020

Saturday 4th July - Discouraging Weather

I'm very glad it is grey and cold and blustery today. That might sound a bit mean, but today is the day that pubs andbars re-open, from 6am (six o'clock in the morning!! although I suspect not many will open their doors at that hour) and the tabloid headlines have be all 'let's go and have a good time at the pub! Although, to be fair, most are also saying (in smaller type) 'don't blow it.

Zoom piano teaching continues; we've upgraded the internet something or other in the dining room, where the piano is, involving miles of purple cable and several torrid hours of crimpimg connections to ends of said cable (and a few choice words). The result is that zooming is much improved - most of the time. I have a couple of students with truly horrible connections, where I'm listening with intense concentration to try and distinguish the actual sounds they are playing from the surrounding 'snap, crackle and pop' noises. I think this extra noise comes mainly from having other children playing and talking and using the computer in the same room, confusing the poor old zoom connection.

I shall still be zooming in September, as far as I can see. I've probably said it before, but zoom lessons are far more intense to teach and administrate than face to face, so I will have to manage my time carefully.

I'm following a number of watercolour sketchers; one, Liz Steel, starts her day by painting a sketch of her coffee. That's a good idea, I thought;

Liz Steel gets to go out for her coffee to a coffee shop whenever she wants... that's because she lives in Australia. Going out for a coffee is one of the things I am sooooo looking forward to.

Perhaps I should start a list of things to do once I feel that the chances of catching covid19 are properly reduced.

Meanwhile, there are books to read, weeds to pull up, and potatoes to harvest. Yes indeedy! I dropped a couple of chunks of potato into a suitable container way back at the beginning of March, and they are ready just in time as we are about to run out before the next delivery in a week's time.   

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