Monday 9 November 2020

Monday 9th November - New Day


Mondays start a bit early for me - I have an 8am piano lesson zoom to teach first thing... even though I tend to be awake by 6am these days I'm still somehow rushing to be downstairs and ready in time!

The sun was still shining after the lesson finished when I went out to chalk up today's word. \it seemed so appropriate - I was up early, and awake, and ready for the day... it didn't last; by the afternoon it had become dank and damp. I wonder how the words will survive a whole afternoon and possibly a night of rain.

I've also added a picture to my sketchbook for today, taken from a photograph that my so posted on his blog last night. He went out for a walk in the night-time fog and took pictures of the effect of the streetlights though the trees. 

Apart from that, today hasn't been all that full of incident. We watched next-door washing the roof of his car port and resisted laying odds the likelihood of him putting the end of his long-handled brush through our kitchen window (he swapped to a short handled brush part way through the exercise). I cut most of the claws of one of the cats because the clicking sound as she walked around on our wood floors was driving me slightly mad. I started wrapping washi tape around tealights to make an Advent calendar. 

Just odds and ends of bits of activity, mostly not completed because - well, lock-down this time around has a different feel to last time; the days are colder, energy levels are lower, and I think that makes things less everything.

Tomorrow is another day - we shall see what happens...  


  1. Intrigued by the idea of a tealight Advent calendar - hope you'll show us more.

  2. The calendar sounds a nice idea! Lockdown this time feels different for me because I'm at school and it is super busy!