Tuesday 10 November 2020

Tuesday 10th November - Fallen Leaves


Today's word(s). I walked outside, rather late in the morning, wondering what to choose, and saw a neighbour opposite hard at work (I have cropped him out of the picture). What with the trimming of the shrubs and the recent rain and wind and frost, he has carpeted the pavement with leaves. 

Our fuschia bush at the front of our house is all but finished for the year;

and the aforementioned frosts have had their effect on the agapanthus plants; the leaves will disappear (where - I can't remember - do they just rot away, or fall off and need sweeping up?)

Soon I shall be left with pots of bare earth around the garden. Already the rhubarb has disappeared (again, where?). 

It rained properly yesterday afternoon and evening, so I now have a blank, if damp, pavement to chalk on. 

Every year, once it gets colder, I find it hard to imagine going out without hat scarf gloves and warm winter coat; it was only a few weeks ago that I was walking around out in the garden with no shoes or socks on wearing just T-shirt and jeans.


  1. And it was but a week ago that we needed coats as we watched the #now fly by and yesterday it was t-shirts as we planted too many to coun5 bulbs. Right now the weather man says it’s +18C heading to 24

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  3. And we think we have crazy weather here in the UK!

  4. The weather has been so changeable this week! I had to swap to a cooler coat as I was too hot in the one I'd chosen to wear the previous week!