Sunday, 1 November 2020

Sunday 1st November - so it starts with a star

Here we go again with

Aim - to post to your blog every day for a month...

I've decided to create a list of hopeful and positive words for every day this month, and today's word is 'star'

specifically this one, which overlaps nicely with #inktober, as it is the first of an Advent sequence that I started yesterday

I also started lino cutting yesterday, having been turning over the process in my mind for several weeks, from design to cut to print

It's very much a 'learn as you go along' activity - you can read and read and ponder and imagine, but in the end you have to make a star-t.

One tutorial recommends making rubbings of the design as you went along which is an Excellent Idea. Already I have discovered that I needed to have done quite a lot of things differently - like not transferring too many designs at a time as they just get smudged, and not placing them so close together in an effort to make the pieces of lino last.

Never mind. I'm looking forward to creating the first prints in 50 years. 

November, even with the lock down, is looking to be a month of adventure. 

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