Monday 1 November 2021

1st November - Can I write a post every day for a month?

 November again - the month where I do the 'post every day for a month' challenge!

Or more to the point, write a slightly interesting post every day for a month...

I'll give it a go.

I had my flu vaccination and covid booster yesterday evening at about 6pm. The trick-or-treaters were out; excited children in disorganised clumps around their parents, and scantily-dressed teenagers teetering along in heels - the girls, that is - although in the dark it was hard to be sure. One of the men queuing up for his injections was made up to look like Frankenstein...

Today I have to confess I have been feeling a bit 'bleah'. I took my time summoning up the energy to get up this morning, and doddered downstairs in search of a much needed second cup of coffee at around 10 am. The rest of the day I pottered about - a little foray into the garden for fresh air, a lot of reading, a relapse at the sight of my Barclaycard bill (how much! what have I been buying? Ah. Oh. Hm.)

I managed to teach the first two lessons of this half of term - a good piano lesson, and an interesting theory lesson, spent mostly talking to the student's feet, as she was lying on the piano stool with her books on the floor and legs in the air. Still, teaching and learning happened.

I've been fiddling around with my latest purchase (one of my latest purchases!)

A set of pigment stamp pads I'd seen someone on youtube using them for lino-printing, when you are doing small amounts and don't want to get out the inks and the rollers and protective coverings for table, clothes, everything within range of potential mess.   

So here's an experimental experiment using them to print some leaves I carved last year

And here's another experimental experiment, applying the pads randomly on the paper to make a background. I have just been learning how to draw chickens. Why? I'm not at all fond of birds. Although, if I were to become attached to a bird it might be a chicken. There is something quite engaging about the way they mooch about making little 'chooky' noises to each other. And they are surprisingly easy to draw.             

It appears you can watch one hour youtube videos of chickens scratching around in a yard, wandering in and out of shot... very soothing.

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