Tuesday 2 November 2021

2nd November - Teapots. Cupcakes.

 I've enjoyed following Johanna Basford 'Inky Art' tutorials on youtube in the past. I'm not one for colouring books, which have become quite a 'thing' over the past few years, but I am fascinated with how she turns relatively simple ideas into complex and engrossing scenes.

At the beginning of lockdown I discovered the hour-long tutorials in how create these pictures, and now, to support her '30 days of creativity' colouring book she is doing another series of youtubes. I caught the first video here where she is adding a pattern to a teacup from her book

Day 2 was colouring a cupcake.

Now, I'm not interested in teacups or cupcakes, but it is a sort of prompt to do a drawing, so I did;

Not having bought the book, I had to work fast to draw my own wonky teacup and cupcake in order to keep up with her speeded up colouring... and she's using a far more elaborate set of colouring pencils than this pocket pack of crayola pencils that I had to hand. I might stick with this for a while...

I've been creating the Advent tea-lights, wrapping them with the ends of rolls of washi tape left over from last year. I reckon I will need to do 96 candles to supply enough for three friends and myself.


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