Wednesday 3 November 2021

Wednesday November 3rd - Half a glass of wine

Yesterday we indulged in a glass of wine each with our lunch and very good it was too. So Himself thought he would have another half glass to go with the cheese we were having afterwards...

However McCavity the cat chose the wrong moment for a stealthy approach to try and claim his lap... the cats know they are not welcome on laps when we are eating, but maybe the smell of the cheese was too much of a temptation, or maybe she was being stubborn in a geriatric sort of way. Well, the stealth aspect was completely negated by not seeing the half full glass of wine on the side table between her launch point and the lap.

Crash! and shattering glass noises, and startled exclamations, and sad little wail of dismay from the cat...

She picked her way through the wine and glass without mishap and sat on a stool surveying the mess from a place of safety. 

Never mind, we've still a few of those supermarket glasses to smash through before starting on the survivors of the wedding present crystal, all oddments of now discontinued patterns.

Day 3 of Johanna Basford's creativity course was 'completing a symmetrical design' from page something or other in her book.

This is 'snipped' from near the end of her short video; the outlines are all drawn in, and one quadran completed, and the idea is you copy the design into the other three quadrants, first in pencil, and then going over in pen, before colouring it.

I had to start from scratch, not having The Book. This gave me an opportunity to use this drawing thingy to make the concentric circles, and then I sort of made the whole thing up from what I remembered of her ideas. Mine's a lot smaller;

I'm pleased with how it came out; I suppose it took about ten minutes or so, There are impefections of course, but I claim they add character.

It's gone 9pm and I haven't closed the cold frame. The temperature dropped last night and there was a proper frost. Luckily the frame was closed overnight, and when I went to look in on my salvia cuttings there were all a bit sad, not because of the frost, but because a snail has got in there and eaten chunks of the leaves. I have taken measures to defend them from future attacks. 

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