Friday, 12 November 2021

Friday 12th November - That cake was good!

 The new Air Fryer arrived today - we tested it with chipped potatoes at lunchtime, and then I made the 'Coffee Cake' - with adaptations to that I could make it in the Air Fryer.

So, here's the original recipe;

and here's the correction - it should read 350 F, not C, but hopefully you have realised this. Now 350 F is roughly 180 C, and the Air Fryer instructions say to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees, so I cooked it at 160C. I think it could have done with 30 minutes - I gave it 25 and it was just cooked.

Also, because the pan that fits inside the Air Fryer basket is only 6 inches square, (but quite deep) I used 2/3 cup of caster sugar - vanilla sugar indeed, because I store my vanilla pods in my caster sugar. and 2/3 cup of self raising flour and left out the baking powder and salt, and a scant 1/3 cup of milk. I added it slowly in case I didn't need it all - and I didn't. 

The batter was more of a pouring consistency than a dolloping consistency.

Final point - NEVER put a topping of sugar on something cooked in an Air Fryer - the current of hot air flowing around in the over chamber is far more vigorous than an ordinary oven, and the inside was liberally scattered with cinnamon and sugar. Cleaning it was an outside job involving a tea towel, dishcloth, and two of my paint brushes.       

But worth every mouthful!


  1. When I put that into Google translate Polish to English it came up with '100 years old lady', which doesn't sound likely!

    1. Ah, another Polish friend has told me that wishing someone 100 years for their birthday is the same as wishing someone 'many happy returns'!