Thursday, 11 November 2021

Thursday 11th November - Two posts in one

 I was just settling down to go to sleep when I remembered - I forgot to write a post!

No way was I going to un-settle myself! 

It was a bit annoying though - I had got some thoughts and photographs ready. Such as catching up on a few days of the Johanna Basford 30 days of creativity. The art materials were fun to draw; I drew a pencil circle around a glass, and then fitted all the items inside. Similarly, I drew a circle around a glass for the wreath, and this time pencilled in all the flowers and leaves in first. (I was bored by balloons, does it show? Thought as much!

And here are a couple of recipes copied from the website. She is an American blogger, author, country style sort of  writer. Her blog is long, arty, full of photographs, recipes, inspirational quotes and cutesy pictures just comes out once a month and there's usually a couple of ideas that catch my attention.

I've made the mistakes in writing out the cranberry marmalade recipe because I was thinking about whether it would be good with turkey and remembering that I have promised myself that I will never cook a turkey for Christmas again - well maybe never, and also wondering if you couldn't cheat by just combining cranberry sauce out of a jar with marmalade out of another jar! I have not tried making or sampling it yet.

From the same blog, a 'coffee cake', made without coffee!

This is also on my 'hmm, this might be good' list - I love cinnamon and sugar.

More Johanna Basford; yesterday was 'cakes' -  

and today was drawing patterns in a page of hearts. I fitted my hearts inside a pencil square.

I admire Johanna Basford for the variety of patterns and shapes she manages to think of; I ran out of ideas and so left some of the hearts blank.

Right - off to another blog; Catherine Fox, a favourite author of mine, has been blogging her latest novel about Lindchester, written in real time - well, a month behind - at  and the latest instalment was posted last week. I've been saving it as a treat! Last years, and other year's novels have all been published as books now. 

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