Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Tuesday 9th November - Cheering myself up with broad bean seeds...

I had a phone call which for various reasons too long and boring and complicated to go into, had quite spoiled my afternoon. In order to do what is required I have to go through a whole load of arrangements and planning and getting my act together at a time when I would rather sit in a heap and eat chocolate biscuits.

Luckily I am able to cheer myself up for very little expenditure; Monty Don says that now is a good time to plant your broad bean seeds in pots ready for spring, and he suggests 'Crimson Glory'. The Sarah Raven catalogue has lovely pictures; the seed packet is so pretty I'd like to frame it!

and the description of the flowers; 'beautiful enough for any flower border' doesn't seem to be an exaggeration,

Ah, broad beans, picked before they grow too big, steamed, served with a vinaigrette, or lemon juice, and herbs...

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