Thursday 17 February 2022

Thursday 17th February - Feel Good in Five - again

 After a week of dull grey days, I find I have become a bit dull and grey myself.

Time to take action!

Sometime in 2020 I got hold of  a book called 'Feel Better in Five' 

in many ways it is hopelessly aspirational; the author is photographed in a lovely garden (his?) doing yoga or cardio exercises, or in a modern, streamlined, clutter-free kitchen (also his?) drinking some healthy freshly-made green smoothie; I'm sure you get the picture. 

But the 'plan' is very sensible - he says (if I remember correctly) that if you choose one each from a selection of activities in the book which address your body, your mind, and your well-being, so that's three activities in total, none of which take much time, and if you do these for five days a week, you should feel better.

So, when I find the grey days piling up, I go on my own version of the plan;

do some not particularly taxing exercises - a bit of stretching, a few knee raises, a little neck mobility (turning my head from side to side)

Take his advice to go out into the garden, or at least stand on the back door step, for five minutes, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee, and just see what there is to be seen,

Do just one small household task - today I cleaned the bathroom basin - every day

This last is my addition; deal with one piece of admin/work/correspondence - every day (writing this blog is a procrastination as I do need to write up and email yesterday's piano lessons).

All very small steps, but they add up to a feeling of accomplishment which jollies me along.

Regarding exercises; I'm finding that a suggestion from somewhere else (where? can't remember) that is you want to build an exercise habit, start small - say 'I'll just do one knee raise and that will be it done' really works for me; having done one, it seems silly not to do a couple more.... and before I know it I am over-achieving before I've even put my shoes and sock on!

The daffodils are in flower! Hooray! I saw them when we went out to 'storm-proof' the garden earlier this morning. These are almost hidden, as the border hasn't had its 'spring chop' yet.  

There are loads all under the back hedge.

The layered up crocus, tulip and daffodil tubs that I planted back in November are looking promising too. I've put the bulbs in several very tall pots so I can gt them out easily and plant something else in the tubs later.

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