Thursday 10 March 2022

Thursday March 10 - Getting EVERYTHING done?

 No, not quite everything. 

I still have a couple of hours left before bed time at about ten o'clock, but I have just about reached The End.

I sat in bed this morning, doom-scrolling through the news and twitter and finally managed to put down the phone and think about the day.

I've started writing 'morning pages' again this month; just one page in a small notebook to get myself started.

Today it turned into a 'to do' list.

I need to

  • do my exercises
  • send letters to two friends
  • do yesterday's writing course ( a short 5-day course from Writers HQ)
  • write up three piano lessons from yesterday's teaching
  • tech two piano lessons today
  • Host a zoom starting at 8.30pm
  • read a couple emails 
  • Bible study time
I ought to
  • hoover some part of the house (it all needs doing!)
  • Practise the Bach piece
  • Finalise my design for this month's postcard project embroidery  

I'd like to
Fourteen items to get done between 9:30 am and 10pm- do-able

But then I got on and
  • watered the seedlings
  • filled the bird feeders
  • wrote feedback to a student on a video recording they sent me
  • responded to several other emails
  • remembered to phone a member of the family 
  • checked my bank statement for missing lesson payments
and fourteen items became twenty, just like that!

Well, it is half past six, I am typing a blog with the fingers on one hand while eating pieces of pizza with the other hand - both hands when I can. I have completed
EVERYTHING in green.

The last item; 'host a zoom', will happen in two hours, and up until then I am Clocking Off!

It hasn't been all busy busy;

I have been in the garden a couple of times to admire the crocuses and spring patio tubs

I have opened the window on my Lent calendar; Owls (these would make a good embroidery!)
with the scripture 'I am an owl of the wilderness, like a little owl of the waste places' from Psalm 102, 6-7.


They look utterly doleful; I think they are not happy about being stuck in the ark, when they would rather be in the wilderness.

Here is my (possibly) final sketch for the embroidery. I will probably redraw it a couple of times and choose the one I like best.

It is based on a mix of 'Cat Amongst the Tulips' by Angela Harding, from her book 'A year Unfolding' 

And this birthday card, sadly with no artist name on it so I am unable to add a credit.

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