Wednesday 16 March 2022

Wednesday 16th March - not twiglets

 I had one of the last bread rolls, cut into cubes and toasted into  crunchy croutons and spread with marmite as my 'little snackeral' this morning. They tasted just like twiglets! 

I had the 'every so often catch up' blood tests done last week, and there weren't any real surprises except for low folic acid. So they've sent me a prescription, but I remembered from years and years ago that marmite is a good source of vitamin B so bought some in the last shopping order to have on toast.

I didn't spread butter on the croutons so that made it more or less zero fat - but I suppose all that salt will be bad for me in some other way. 

Noah's Ark; two days again;

yesterday; Storks "Even the stork in the sky knows her appointed seasons, and the dove, the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration." Jeremiah 8;7

today; Mountain goats "Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?" Job 39;1-2

Wild, or mountain goats reminded me of  'Wild Asses' from 'Carnival of the Animals'  I learned the hard way never to play this to the children unless they were calm, sitting in their own space and completely forbidden to get up and dance. 

'Now, children', (in my best Joyce Grenfell voice), 'I would like you to let your hands move with the music, but you MUST stay sitting down and you may NOT make any noise.' 

I adopted this kill-joy approach after one disaster lesson when 30 small children completely lost the plot one wild, wet, and windy day. I was lucky to get away without having to dial 999, or, even worse, call the head.

This version of it shows the score.... do you suppose the pianists play the whole lot in one breath?

This is the BACK of my current piece of embroidery - there's still a lot more to do, some green, some grey, some black... but I'm just so pleased about how tidy this looks. So far. It won't last! I've learned how to start off without leaving any knots. I'll post the completed picture sometime next week, hopefully.

The variegated threads are all that could have hoped for.

Yesterday was so ,lovely and sunny that we got out into the garden and cleared the winter detritus of leaves, weeds, and general scruffiness from the front of the house, pulling up more goose grass along the way. I mulled over sowing lettuce and radish and planting seed potatoes, but decided against. 'Tomorrow is another day'

Tomorrow yesterday is today, today, if you follow; In the morning the sky was dusty yellow from Saharan sand to begin with, and the temperature had dropped to that seeping cold that penetrates through to the skin. I expect the sand is now coating the car and everything else after half a day of determined, persistent rain. 'Tomorrow is another day?'  

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