Saturday, 14 May 2022

Saturday 14th May - FOMO versus HOGO.....

 FOMO - fear of missing out - we all knew that one. My own FOMO has mostly subsided to a dull rumble over the last few years, but is beginning to revive.

On Thursday evening I found myself double-booked; a book club meeting starting at 7.30 and then the 'But it's not Lent anymore, we can't go on calling ourselves a Lent Group' meeting at 8.30. No problem on zoom - I joined the Book club for a short hour, and then left and started up the 'Lent Group' zoom just in time for 8.30.

At the book club someone mentioned HOGO, which has become 'a thing'. partly because of Covid, and partly because we have all reached, or are approaching 'a certain age'. 

HOGO - hassle of going out. Oh yes indeedy, zoom has made everything so much easier! 

The book club meeting was a slightly weird experience though, as four members had met up 'face-to-face' as is on the good old days, bringing a selection of delicacies to share, while the another four of us were on zoom, watching as they poured wine, or elderflower cordial, and shared delicatessen ham, home-made coleslaw, artisan breads and speciality cheeses, followed by home-made date and walnut cake. It felt like watching one of those weird real-time youtubes, eg

we three zoomers chatted together, as the others munched and passed plates. What was also weird was that the main picture on screen was of the table, spread with good things, with occasionally a hand, or half a head coming into view and disappearing again.

I enjoyed the experience - and if I'd been able to stay longer I know it would have become a more general meeting. It is the first time I have been in a hybrid meeting.

I do think zooms are here to stay. Not only for catching up with far-flung friends and relations, but also for meetings where you don't have to turn out in the cold and wet and dark, but can join in frm the comfort of your own home. 


  1. We've had Hybrid Church for sometime now. It mostly works well, and as you say, Zoom will linger for a while yet. Right now I'm typing this sitting in a hall where we're at a Hybrid Conference. If people need to shelter for health reasons, I'm glad they can still be part of get togethers

    1. Our church livestream the main service, and then we have a 'chatty' zoom so we don't miss out on 'after church coffee '.

  2. I've come over from Angela's blog to see the lovely child's jacket. I don't knit, but I do admire the results of others. I do draw, but not particularly well. The multi-colored pencil is new to me and I'll probably have to order one. I was not going to add any more blogs to my reading list as I have too many already, but here I am, hooked!

    1. Hello Celie, and thank you for your encouragement!