Saturday 11 June 2022

Saturday 11th June - A week? A whole week gone by?

 I did put 'update my blog' on my to-do list a couple of times, but.... time passes...

Luckily I can use my daily scribbles to work out what has been going on;

Ah, yes, Friday 3rd June - had morning coffee in their garden with nearby friends. That was lovely and peaceful, apart from when a tray of cups and cafetiere slowly slid off the little table. But we were outside - so no need to worry about carpets, and nothing broke. Although my husband, who tried to save the situation with his foot had to withdraw when his sock filled up with hot coffee.  

Saturday was a 'ziffit' day - they had a special offer for the jubilee weekend, I discovered. If we could find £10 worth of books they would add a whole £5. Of such small treats are many little happinesses born. We scoured the house and managed the minimum £10 to secure the bonus, and 5kg to have a courier collect the parcels. The ziffit rejects have all gone to the British Heart Foundation. That's 2 boxes and five bags of books OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Pentecost; someone posted this William Blake Poem on Twitter;

Unless the eye catch fire,
The God will not be seen.
Unless the ear catch fire,
The God will not be heard.
Unless the tongue catch fire,
The God will not be named.
Unless the heart catch fire,
The God will not be loved.
Unless the mind catch fire,
The God will not be known.

Monday; The herbs in my planter are looking decidedly tatty, so I added some herbs in pot to the grocery order and transferred them into these 'lead' (haha - some kind of ceramic/resin, I think) containers.

I reckon I need some practice at drawing people, so that's what I did. I also did a few more while I was waiting in the queue for a blood test. I try not to stare too hard. Faces are so much easier to draw when half is covered by a mask.

 Wednesday we did nothing. It rained on and off most of the day, the water coming down like stair rods (remember those), bouncing off the pavement and pooling in puddles everywhere in the garden.

Friday was the kind of day when everything you touch or decide to do, or any plans that have been made, change and shift as you go along. Not just for me, but for various friends as well. Very trying.

Ah well - it's the weekend, and a new day, we can all start again.


  1. Love your little drawings - they describe everything beautifully

  2. I love the little running person at the top. There is so much movement in those few lines.