Monday 20 June 2022

Monday 20th June - I'm still here...

Last week was a bit 'full-on' so that only necessary things got done, and the rest of the time I spent doing almost nothing.

Himself had his cataracts sorted on Monday and Wednesday, and a follow up appointment on the Thursday, so I was doing the driving too and from the hospital, and also all the cooking, and anything else that he would normally have done.

In between I read trashy light fiction, played freecell or knitted. I did spend two afternoons whiling away the hours between delivery and collection to the hospital at a nearby stately home and gardens, even visiting the shop for buy a Father's Day card. My first visit to shop since February 2023!

Here's a first batch of pictures;

Saturday - I regularly see the starlings jostling on the TV aerials in the morning

Sunday - now the weather is warmer I am trying to remember to drink more often.

Monday 13th June - I took a photograph of these poppies at the Gardens I was visiting,. The colours were glorious.

Tuesday 14th June - I'm hoping the drain will remain clear until Himself feels ready to to pull out the washing machine and clear the filters...

I am due to start teaching after a week off. I have been practicing one of the student's pieces, and somehow added 1200 steps to my wristband fitness thingy without moving from the piano stool. It is an energetic piece... (this is NOT me playing!)



  1. Well done on all the driving. Hope Himself recovers quickly from the op. I have realised that enthusiastic knitting affects my "step count" Just been for a walk in the afternoon sunshine. I am recovering with a cup of tea! Our shower tray has started being a Slow Emptier and I suspect my daughter has borrowed our Good Plunger [fortunately my original one was not discarded in the Great Downsize] I am almost ready to post my Postcard !

  2. I've found that winding balls of wool is also a step counter booster!
    You are ahead of me with the postcard; I'm almost ready to start sewing.

  3. Hope he recovers soon- well done for all your ferrying!
    Ha, that's funny abotu the step count!!!

    1. The recovery has been swifter than almost anything I've ever seen - the eye drops are tedious, but already reducing in frequency.