Thursday 30 June 2022

Thursday 30th June - Slugs, snails, exploding milk

It is good to finish a grueling month with some small trivialities...

June has been full of medical matters ranging from the mundane - remembering to order repeat prescriptions - to the more extreme - Himself's cataract operations, and decisions regarding major surgery for my 93-year-old father. That last decision proved to be a complete non-event, in retrospect; it was made crystal clear that no surgery is necessary now, or in the future, and things can carry on as they are without any interventions or concerns. Well, what a relief!

The amount of brain space that has been filled with all these goings-on has been considerable. So here's hoping for a restful July...

Yesterday I went out 'slugging', with a torch, at about 10 pm just as we were finishing up downstairs before going to bed. I have a pair of kitchen tongs I bought especially for the purpose, but haven't tried 'slugging' after dark with a torch before. It took minutes to fill a small container with the brutes, picking them off my potatoes, broad beans, lettuces, brussels sprouts, kale... little beasts.

The next question was what to do with my haul. I could throw them over the back fence (into the waste ground, I hasten to add), but they would only come back. I haven't the heart to drown even these detestable slimy horrors into a bucket of water, salt or otherwise, neither do I like the idea of drowning them in beer traps. A friend of mines takes them over the road from hr garden and deposits them in the nearby cemetery; I bet there are hordes of very fat hedgehogs living there. And I overheard two other gardeners discussing the same problem; 'I feed them to the chickens'. 'What a good idea'. I know tht's all very natural but it did put me slightly off the idea of the eggs.

In the end I threw them into the council garden waste collection, as usual. They keep climbing up to the top of the bin, and I keep knocking them back down. I don't suppose this is any kinder than drowning them in beer, but, 'out of sight, out of mind' wins the day. It occurs to me that if I collect them into a cardboard box or container, I can just dump the whole thing in the bin and close my eyes to the problem.

Exploding milk? Oh, that's what happens when you put your espresso cup with just a little milk into the microwave for a mid morning espresso-with-hot-milk and accidentally press the button above the ten second timer. In other words the one minute button.


The cup survived, and I have cleaned the microwave.

Now, shall I do a bit of mindfulness meditation (aka 10 minutes shut-eye) or actually do something on the list?

Meditation is supposed to be Very Good for one... 

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  1. Oh dear too much to remember means a big note on the calendar for me or it is forgotten as I did last week, forgot the chiropodist appointment.. slugs are yuk, but love the idea of putting them where they might be hedgehogs.