Sunday 10 July 2022

Sunday 10th July - Nearly back on track

 I will be back on track tomorrow, when the Daily Bible Readings will have caught up with me.

Meanwhile - today is hot! hot! Hot!

I am drinking flavoured water - what else could I call it, to make it sound more enticing?

Peace, Cleanse, Relax

I do enjoy the flavour - I am experimenting with those herbal teabags I bought a while back (April). It was one of those orders where you got free shipping if you bought too much, so I bought too much for the free shipping;

I chose the teas for their names. As good a reason as any. Now I am infusing the teabags in cold water overnight in the fridge for a refreshing, 'interesting' (not always in a 'good' way!) unsweetened cold drink. (You can do the same thing with ordinary, or green, or china tea).

Currently I am drinking 'Relax'. diluted 50/50 with cold water. Peace is looking pale because I have only just this minute filled the bottle and added the tea bag.

Himself is content with chilled water (currently we are both being very diligent about refilling the water filter every time!) And we are nibbling some 'cheesy feet', thank you Nigella, for the recipe.

Except, of course, as usual, I've done it slightly differently;

Her recipe is

  • 100g grated cheddar
  • 25g soft butter
  • 50g plain flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
Blitz in food processor until it becomes a dough - takes a small wee whiley. (I suppose you could rub in fat and flour, and then combine with the grated cheese, working gently until it became a dough?)

Here's where she and I differ; I make my dough into a long sausage shape, actually a 'square-sage shape', about an inch square i cross section and as long as it is. She makes hers into a flat disc. Then we both chill the dough in the fridge - hers for 15 mins, mine is better a bit longer.
That's because she is going to roll it out to 1/8 inch thick and cut it into feet shape with fancy cookie cutters, and I am going to slice off pieces about 1/8 inch thick - around the size of a pound coin, if I remember rightly.

She bakes hers for 10-12 mins, depending on size, at 200C, and I cook 16 at a time in the air fryer for 8-9 mins at 190C. The air fryer does not need pre-heating - I put the little squares straight into the basket in rows, press the button on the air fryer and walk away until it beeps.  

Sixteen little pieces between the two of us is actually a fair sized mini-snack- the rest of the roll waits in the fridge for next time.

I suspect that for grown-ups (this is the children's party version) a pinch of English mustard powder, or cayenne, or other seasoning will improve an already more-ish snack!


Friday 1st July - practising this piano piece added about 700 or more steps to my step count. If ever there was an incentive for doing piano practice, this would be it!

Piano is one of my starter words for wordle.

Saturday 2nd July was spent in stitching for the postcard project - already well overdue. I just about had it ready to post for Monday, but then... this needed doing, and that, and the other...

Sunday 3rd July - the copper tape rings around the sunflowers seem to be working. The slugs and snails haven't found them yet.

On Monday morning we walked round to friends in the next road for morning coffee - what a lovely hour or so that was.

More pictures to follow, and then I might well be properly 'back on track'!



  1. My Wordle start word is always STARE. The gift of a Sodastream from my daughter at Christmas was intended to encourage us to drink more water. It is working. Current favourite flavour is a small amount of Belvoir Farms "blueberry&blackcurrant" cordial. I make the water slightly sparkling (my SIL prefers hers with a lot more fizz) Sorry about the snails and slugs! Keep cool

  2. Found shade AND breeze in the garden!