Saturday 9 July 2022

Saturday 9th July - The Missing Day

Last night, as I was writing up my diary, I found I was writing on the page for Friday. But somehow I was convinced it was Saturday... I went back and relabelled a couple of pages, but was still convinced that something was wrong. It does happen that some evenings I don't write up the page, so that the following evening I have two pages to do. It has crept to three pages in the past - but bitter experience has told me that this makes things difficult when I try to catch up.

Anyway, sometime around mid-morning I finally realised my mistake - it was when I was wondering why the link to the Sunday morning service, live-streamed from our church, was so very late in appearing in my emails.

I blame the heat.

Tonight I shall re-relabel the pages in the diary, and all will be well again.

One consequence has been, that as I listen to David Suchet reading through the Bible in a Year every (well, nearly every) morning I am now several days ahead of where I should be. Do I listen again? Or risking breaking a habit?  It's Acts of the Aposltes at the moment (every day is a chunk of a Psalm, and currently the next adventure in the Acts of the Apostles and a chunk of Old Testament - Hezekiah has just asked for the sun to go backwards ten degrees. 

Acts is, at the moment, sounding rather like a script for an adventure of the 'Indiana Jones' variety; Paul has just survived a shipwrecked in a storm, only to be bitten by a snake and worshipped as a god by the locals.

(I'm a bit unimpressed with Hezekiah, he was very happy to hear the prophecy that there will be peace only in his life time, as it means at least he will have a quiet life, and after he's dead he doesn't care. But then 2 Kings is full of Kings who behaved in a more or less appalling fashion. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.) 

Tomorrow, everything will be back to normalish maybe probably.

Tonight will l be another hot night I expect.


  1. I've been confused about the days for a couple of years, what with the pandemic and retirement. And if I miss church on a Sunday it takes me till Wednesday to get myself sorted. You are not alone!

  2. I do think it is retiring from teaching in schools which has done it for me; I used to teach in up to 15 different schools each week and it was vital to know which day it was back then!