Thursday, 4 August 2022

Thursday 4th August - The other postcard has arrived

 Here it is! The counterpart to the 'postcard' that I sent off at the beginning of the week arrived this morning.

I had an inkling of what Ang might have been doing as her contribution for July, as she has been making Memory Bears all through July. I reckon she must be an expert after the number she has made over the years.

And here's her embroidery; and applique version of a memory bear! I wonder, if I unpicked the patch, would I find that the bear had a little knapsack on his back, like the 'real'  bears? I'm not going to try and find out!

She also included these book marks - very welcome, as I have been reading 'read' books as well as e-books recently. I'm fascinated by the patterns, and will do a bit of research in due course. 

I can also show you my design for June that I forgot to photograph before I sent it; a selection of some patterns on antique Delft tiles.

The next challenge will be to decide what this month's design will be. I am determined to choose an idea and get started in time to post it BEFORE the end of the month this time! 

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