Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Tuesday 2nd August - The Postcard Project*

 I posted July's 'postcard' yesterday, and heard that it had arrived today*. It still amazes me that I can put something in a post box in the afternoon, and it arrives halfway across England the next afternoon.

Here's my July embroidery;

It's a view from a National Trust garden across the fields, one sunny afternoon in the middle of July. I had some thread left over in my needle, so added flowers to the clock I made back in - March, maybe? You can see the unadorned clock in the picture above.  

Now I have to wait for the other 'postcard' to arrive, hopefully tomorrow, to see what Ang has done. But what to do with all the left-over ends of embroidery floss? I discovered early on that they will stick to felt, 

so made a rough 'thread book' using up an experimental daffodil embroidery, created by the 'let's take a needle for a walk and see what happens' non-technique.

Here are the last four drawings - not coloured in yet - maybe they will stay as ink sketches. You can see why a delayed posting until I knew that Ang had received her 'postcard'.

I don't know what it is with me and days of the week...

On Saturday we had a lovely surprise when our children had an unexpected free hour before meeting up with friends for a party, so we all got together for a cup of tea.

I was sewing pretty well non-stop all week in order to finish the picture

I have so far made scones and drop scones using the whey left over from my cheese making experiment yesterday. I haven't yet eaten the cheese. That's for tomorrow.

*Postcard project; there are two linen cloths which Ang and I embroider a picture on and exchange every month.   


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