Thursday 17 November 2022

Thursday 17th November - Drawings round-up

 I find the sketch-a-day journal a great way of looking back at a month;

Wednesday 2nd November

I finally sorted out a measured walking path up and down the garden, from the back gate (behind me in the picture) to the end of our drive at the front. It is 80 steps long, and I can manage 'there and back' three and  half times in 6 minutes, around 230 metres.  The main problem is that our garden slopes gradually down to the back gate; more to the point is is UPHILL from the back gate to the front which slows me down considerably! Still, it is a benchmark. I've been getting about 1300 steps every day. More, if I have been winding wool or playing the piano...

Thursday night is church home group night - those of us who are free meet up on zoom, ostensibly to be a church group, and we do spend some time on Spiritual Business, and then the rest of the time on Any Other Business!

Fireworks started up in earnest on Friday 4th. We enjoyed watching a brilliant display which must have been several streets along from us from the comfort of our own home.

Saturday 5th - I started my first attempt at cross stitch...    

Sunday 6th - I became absorbed in planning the postcard project mark 2...
Monday 7th - I spent several hours typing and answering emails and writing stuff.
Tuesday 8th - we ere both brave at the dentist.
Wednesday 9th - I finished the snowflake and started the next cross stitch picture.

Thursday 10th November - I could stand it no longer and cleaned the window in the little front bedroom - as we leave the door open to let the light stream in through the landing every mark was always staring me in the face.

Friday 11th November....

Saturday 12th November - we went to a favourite farm cafe to meet the offspring for a second breakfast. Also for me to collect my birthday presents (which I opened then and there - several days early) and to deliver a couple of Christmas presents.

Sunday 13th November - I decanted the birthday chocolates into the chocolate o'clock box. I'm afraid with was chocolate o'clock several times a day until the moment when they were All Gone.