Thursday 3 November 2022

Thursday 3th November - 'Unexpected item in the water bowl'

This happened on Tuesday morning, but I had forgotten until now...

After the storm on Monday night, when we were walking around outside to look and see which garden items had been randomly redistributed, I checked the two Emma Bridgewater pasta bowls in the garden that the cat likes to drink out of. They were both nicely filled up with rainwater (saving a job, and rainwater is what the cat prefers to drink anyway). But in the bowl by the back door was a small toad, unable to get a grip on the shiny china rim in order to get out.

Where had he been living? Among the pots of herbs on the back door step? It was the work of a moment to relocate the toad, water and all, into a nearby flowerbed. I suppose I should really add little ramps to the bowls. 

'Emma Bridgewater pasta bowls for the cat to drink from? Whatever next?' I hear you cry. Ah, yes, but the glaze has completely crazed all around and around, and there are hairline cracks developing. I thought it was better to banish the bowls to the garden BEFORE they suddenly unloaded hot soup or pasta all over everywhere. Like what the others a few months ago.

I had a bit of the 'thing' for buying Emma Bridgewater cups and bowls and mugs, but, hey, I am so fickle.

I've always admired the 'dinner service' at a friend's house - a collection of mis-matched blue and white china. No worries about replacing a broken item with the same pattern, then.   

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  1. I found a large frog in one of my pot dishes last September!