Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Wednesday 2nd November - Rebellion against the Chia Seeds

 I finally said it out loud - "I've come to the conclusion I don't want to eat chia seeds on my breakfast".

"Neither do I," he said.

They might be good for me and have a hundred and one beneficial effects on all sorts of parts of my body, but they are, to my mind, gritty, tasteless and spoil a perfectly good bowl of muesli and get stuck between my teeth.

We've been trying them for a few weeks. We gave them a good trial. We're done with chia seeds.

I need to order more tea lights.

I have sorted out eight sets of 24 tealights for Advent so far; I have given two away to friends, and put a set ready for myself, and here are five more already earmarked for people.

8 sets x 24 tealights = jolly nearly 200, I reckon, which would explain why there are only a few left in the candle drawer.

I'm hoping the candles remain purely symbolic through December, although with the threat of power cuts they might even turn out to be useful as well.

November is, according to my son, National Blog Promotion Month. The challenge is to write a post every day in November. I'm doing pretty well so far...

If you missed the last blog post, I have put up the November 'print and post' Newsletter. It is one of the pages on the sidebar if you view this blog in the web version. Follow the link for more details. 

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  1. I like Chia seeds in vegetable stew. If you add them in at the right time, they go all nice and jelly-like and are just nice with all the different textures. Definitely wouldn't want them in their pure form!