Tuesday 29 November 2022

Tuesday 29th November - Properly Cold out there

 It's that damp, seeping cold today that slides in through gap between your sleeve and your gloves, your socks and your trousers.

I've brought the broad beans out of the cold frame and  planted them in the patio tubs where I am hoping they will over winter - Monty Don - I'm looking at you! There was a tinge of what might have been frost on the grass, so I have brought my cuttings inside to go on spare bedroom windowsills; geraniums (called pelargoniums now) and salvias. There are looking well enough except for the one I dropped...

I think the rose, fuschia and remaining salivas are all in for a shock and night now after such a mild November.

And we had our the first mince pies of the season with our afternoon coffee; well deserved after a trip out to drop five bags of books and a basket of bric-a-brac off at the heart foundation charity shop and pick up petrol.


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