Friday 30 December 2022

Friday 30th December - Getting into training...

Just two days left to set myself up for the New Year - oh, now that it is heading to the end of today there's even less time left...

I'm making a clear difference between New Year Resolutions and Good Ideas

The resolutions that I chose more than five years ago have served me well and I have no intention of changing them. I've managed to keep them without too much difficulty, and so enjoy the nice warm glow this gives me that I'm not going to risk upsetting that. They are;

Eat chocolate several times a week.

Deliver, otherwise put by, two bags of stuff for the charity shop every month (size of bag and quantity of contents not important).

Keep on with writing a page in the diary at the end of every day. My bright yellow 2023 Moleskine page-day diary is all ready for Sunday evening.

Now Good Ideas are an entirely different matter. If one, or several don't happen in any day, or in any week - well, that's life. It's just an idea.

It is a good idea to eat more fruit, and having a fruit smoothie every day would be one way.

It is a good idea to eat more vegetables, so how about a side salad with lunch (main meal) or supper?

It is a good idea to be more active, so trying to do the 5 minute balletbasedmovement videos everyday is a way to achieve this. Also aiming for a daily total step count of more than 1500, even more if possible, would go a long way to maintaining a minimum level.

I've been practising the Good Ideas all this week to be ready for Sunday. So far so good...


  1. I love your idea of New Year Resolutions and Good Ideas, I think I'll use those too for me. And 2 bags for charity is a wonderful idea, we were sorting out stuff after our move here and then it fell by the wayside, so we must start again. And a daily count of 1500 steps suits me too. Thank you, I'm thinking of some good ideas already!

  2. I made the decision to choose resolutions I knew I would keep as I didn't want set myself up for failure. That's also why my daily step target it quite low. It is all the easier to exceed it!