Friday 20 January 2023

Friday 20th January - small events...small things...small pleasures

 The smallest event of today, or the biggest? was the appearance of a wren in our garden. I just saw a flicker of brown in a dark corner among the dead leaves lying around beside and between the pots near the patio door.

Was it, could it be? I am certain it was. Small rounded body, short pert tail, and busy busy hopping around.

Troglodytes Troglodytes. Fantastic name.

I don't really remember farthings, which were discontinued in 1960. I do admit to having had threepenny bits, ha'pennies and sixpence in my pocket money, florin, half crowns and even a 10-bob note on occasion.

All the small mugs, I mean the really small mugs for morning coffees and after lunch coffees were in the dishwasher. I surveyed what was left in the cupboard; serving an espresso coffee in a standard mug was not to be borne.

There really isn't much liquid in a single espresso; about an eggcup-ful, if you like it black;

However, if you like it with hot milk then an eggcup is not quite large enough for easy consumption. 

I gave given in to myself and bought a mini iron. 'Do I know the name of the manufacturer ' asked the resident technical expert as he eyed it up.

'I doubt it,'. It is called Quilty Bear. Definitely dinky, but does the job. I can use it on my tiny workspace and store it on the bookshelves nearby.

The desktop has a shelf immediately below. I found things tended to disappear if I used it to store things, so bought a couple of wooden trays to make I easier to retrieve books, pencils, pads etc.

Here you can see my desk being a postcard project sewing station. But here's my clever contraption; I  made a tiny paper origami tray, which lives in wooden tray so I can pull it forward, sweep the snips of thread into it and push the whole tray back. I spent most of today sewing as we are into the final days.... Good job we are well under way with plans for the next one.


  1. It looks very like the Prym iron - they produce lots of haberdashery accessories. Maybe QB have rebranded them. I have a teeny tiny clover iron, useful for fiddly bits on memory bears. And a "sleeve board" so I don't have to put up my big ironing board.

    1. I use a cork place mat covered with a clean cotton napkin. All handily within reach.