Saturday 14 January 2023

Saturday 14th January - The rain it raineth every day

There has been so much rain that I was regretting that we hadn't installed a water butt. Though that's probably just as well as it would have been filled ten times over this past week. We have a problem in that the only down pipe for our house is at the side, in the extremely narrow driveway. Now that we have given up all idea of parking a car alongside the house, on account of the difficulty of exiting the vehicle through the doors, we might look into getting a 'space saving'  water button. I'm sure I've seen a thinner alternative to the traditional barrel shaped ones.

Ang mentioned how much she enjoys Nigel Slater's cook books, so I have sent off for a second hand copy of one;

I like the way I can look inside a book on Amazon, or even download a sample before I decide to buy. I've chosen this more or less at random but January's recipes looked very promising.

Postcard Project; I've finished my embroidered picture but we've agreed to add some words - start and finish dates, and sign our names. Barring spelling mistakes (only one so far) and sewing mistakes (needed to pause for deep breaths before reaching for the scissors when I discovered I had sewn a corner of the fabric into the embroidery) I feel as though the end is within reach.

After spending a Whole Year knitting a pair of socks, I have bought a set of teeny 2.5mm flexible double pointed needles and cast on for the next pair. This time I am starting at the toe!

The needles are not quite what I was expecting; they have longer straight pieces - but then it clearly says LONG on the packet - and a curiously flattened knobbly texture - ah yes, now I look at the packet the picture is clear as well... my fault for not looking properly!


  1. Extremely pleased with our slim water butt from wilko. It holds 100litres. However we have replaced the flimsy plastic tap with a brass one which is easy to operate and does not leak or drip. My grand plan to finish my Postcard stitching this evening was scuppered by circumstances beyond my control. The German description of your needles is utterly wonderful.

    1. I'll investigate wilko... German is an astonishing language!