Friday 3 February 2023

Friday 3rd January - first day of my weekend

I don’t teach any piano kessons on Fridays anymore so my weekend starts on Friday now. Lovely. I persuaded myself to deal with various admin tasks in the morning, and spent the afternoon fiddling around with cross stitch designs. 

This is the picture I was thinking of doing, something I did in a diary;

The original is only about two inches tall, on a page in December 2019. A friend and I went for afternoon tea at an extremely posh hotel near us. We'd both had a pretty tough couple of months, so treating ourselves and having a long catch up was a good way to finish the year.

It was getting dark when we left, and I took a couple of pictures on my phone as we left;

to remind myself of the day, and these became the little painting. 

There's something about silhouetted trees against the inky shaded sky that I just love looking at.

A couple of hours has convinced me that I don't yet have the knowledge and experience to turn my paintings into a cross stitch grid. I'll adapt a kit this time around, and learn from that.

I shall turn my attention to 'Death in Paradise' on the TV and relax with some knitting instead.


  1. I'm writing lyrics for the theme tune. It's far too "hoppety-pip" and jolly for a programme so full of murder and mayhem. The theme tune ought to reflect the violent nature of the show imho... 🎼they dance by the sea🎶he and she🎵that's not mud, it is blood 🎶very red, she is dead🎵he had fun, with a gun🎵... Bob says I should not give up my day job. So I'll go back to planning cross stitch. I was going to do a tree, but gave up because I couldn't decide which one I like best on the road between home and the chapel.