Sunday 12 February 2023

Sunday 12th February

I've let myself get into half term mode before finishing off all the lesson writeups from last week; still got the two from Thursday to do. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day...

But my sock is now 10.5 inches long, that's 7 for the sole and halfway along the leg. I'm now wondering if I'm going to have enough wool to knit the other one.... a starting point will be to weigh my sock, and weigh one of the needles, and weigh how much yarn is ieft, and do some sums...

And some cross stitch happened today as well. Not as much as I would have liked, but finishing off a tablecloth in time for lunch was a higher priority. It was when I threw the tablecloth and napkins into the laundry basket yesterday that I realised that I didn't have another one. I cut and pinned a piece of leftover fabric yesterday after lunch, sewed for a while in the afternoon and finished it just in time today. It was a close-run thing.

Serious Moment;

Seeing some of the rescues on the news, of people, children even, brought out from the terrible destruction in Turkey and Syria has been .... Well, words fail me. Tomorrow I shall be donating to DEC as my contribution towards the relief effort there. I try and nake donations every month, to the local foodbanks, and also to various other charities that work towards improving conditions for people all over the world. I am fortunate in my life and it feels right to share my good fortune.


  1. I agree with you. We may not be rich-like-Rishi, but we do have enough of this world's goods to be able to share with those who have nothing.