Friday 3 March 2023

Friday 3rd March - dropping posts like stitches and World Day of Prayer

 I don't know what's happening to me this week - it seems as though anytime I'm not doing something (something timetabled and unavoidable, that is) I'm doing nothing. I do sit and knit, as being an almost zero-energy, zero-thinking activity, and much to be preferred to suduko and solitaire on the computer, but then I have to pause from time to time and play 'hunt the dropped stitch'...  

Anyhow, I have ended up at my computer so I am rattling in a blog post while I wait to see if my attempts to 'save the day' for a friend are successful. She is due to play the piano for the evening 'World Day of Prayer' in about half an hour, and one of the hymn tunes is proving elusive. 

The 'World Day of Prayer', previously 'Women'd World Day of Prayer' takes place on the first Friday in March. In our local area there has been a morning service, and afternoon service, and now an evening service. I used to play for it regularly when I was active on the committee. I made it to the 2020 service  and then I had to drop out. I'm still 'dropped out' as I am still (yawn, it's becoming Very Tedious) shielding since middle of March 2020. So this is nearly the end of the third year. Will this shielding ever come to an end? Of course it will.

The WDoP service is put together by the ladies of a different country each year - this time Taiwan. Poor Taiwan, always watching China and hoping that what is happening between Ukraine and Russia doesn't happen to them. One challenge every year, musically speaking, is hunting down the music for the various hymns. 

But we always finish with 'The day thou gavest' - very appropriate, as the services are held right around the globe. As we are finishing our evening service tonight, no doubt the people in the Americas will be preparing for theirs. 

When you read the 2nd, 3rd and 4th verses the choice of hymn makes perfect sense.

The day thou gavest, Lord, is endedThe darkness falls at Thy behestTo thee our morning hymns ascendedThy praise shall sanctify our rest
We thank thee that thy church, unsleepingWhile earth rolls onward into lightThrough all the world her watch is keepingAnd rests not now by day or night
As over each continent and islandThe dawn leads on another dayThe voice of prayer is never silentNor dies the strain of praise away
The sun that bids us rest is wakingOur brethren 'neath the western skyAnd hour by hour fresh lips are makingThy wondrous doings heard on high
So be it, Lord, thy throne shall neverLike earth's proud empires, pass awayThy kingdom stands, and grows foreverTill all thy creatures own thy sway


  1. I missed it, due to a funeral, and could not find an evening service locally. But I DID wear my silver badge on my best coat. I love that hymn

  2. It's a good one, and much more cheerful than the opening lines suggest

  3. That has been my favourite hymn since I was a little girl and we videod the Railway Children from the TV. On our VHS, before it, was Aled Jones singing this hymn as part of a televised service. I loved it so much and still do. It didn't seem quite appropriate for my wedding day sadly (nor was my other favourite- There is a Green Hill Far away...)
    The shielding must feel very tedious after so long.

  4. Yes, I have to admit that I am going through a very fed up phase. It will be easier when the weather improves and I can meet people outside